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Invited speakers 

Session "Cancer applications" (chair E. Barillot)

  • A. Biton - An exploratory analysis of signalling pathways involved in bladder cancer using Independent Component Analysis [Slides]
  • S. Heath - Strategies for handling stratification arising from the use of multinational cohorts in genome wide association studies [Slides]
  • G. Rigaill - DNA Copy number analysis. Defining a probability for the segmentation space  [Slides]
  • E. Gravier - CGH data to predict early metastasis of lymph-node-negative and small size primary breast cancer 

Session "Large dimension data" (chair F. Picard)

  • D. Goldstein - Gene expression signatures in human disease: an illustration with genomic data on breast cancer [Abstractslides]
  • G. Marot , J.-L. Foulley, C.-D. Mayer, F. JaffrĂ©zic - Microarray meta-analysis based on p-value or moderated effect size combinations [Abstractslides]
  • A. Antoniadis, P. Fryzlewicz, F. LetuĂ© - The Dantzig selector in Cox's proportional hazards model [Abstract]
  • T. Mary-Huard and S. Robin - Wrapper aggregation for classification [Abstractslides]

Session "Phylogeny" (chair A. Bar-Hen)

  • M. Gouy - Efficient Likelihood Computations with Nonreversible Models of Evolution [Abstractslides]
  • M. Mariadassoui - Phylogeny Robustness: Influence of Species [Slides]
  • Z. Yang - Over-confident Bayesian & molecular phylogenetics [Slides]